Youth International Summer School 2017

The purpose of the event is to help you and other participants develop a unique set of skills that can be used in your professional and personal lives, as well to offer you an opportunity to create a network of young leaders and youth-led organisations. Accordingly, the program is drawn up that embraces various formats, such as: taking part in workshops and case studies, being inspired by captivating master classes and meeting other young ambitious people from all around the world. Cultural events in the program with informal, networking and socialising activities will accompany the working part of the event.


To develop a unique set of skills that you can use in your professional and personal life, such as intercultural sensitivity, effective marketing skills, through workshops, and simulation games.

To experience team working and thinking like an entrepreneur, which will support you in developing your competencies on an international business level.

To enjoy the cultural program with informal and socialising activities that support developing a network of the young leaders and youth-led organisations.

Trainers & Experts

We selected high-level trainers and experts to enrich the capacities of the participants. Custom-made workshops are specially designed in cooperation with these specialists to offer the best contribution to the overall mission of the summer school. The workshops are developing exclusive knowledge and skills to attain in your personal and professional life, but also value-forming processes, personality-forming and eventually a society-building process. We offer to you and all other participants a unique opportunity to develop yourself under the supervision of acknowledged professionals and specialists.



In order to take part in the Summer School, you and other applicants will go through an intensive selection process. Those who can demonstrate their social responsibility and commitment have the biggest chance to be selected. Attendees, from an age range of 18 till 35 years old, that have successfully passed the selection process will come from diverse backgrounds: social and business enterprises, non-profits, social activists, journalists and media workers, artists, educators, young researchers, scholars and simply outstanding students. In previous events, we had global representation originating from Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Gambia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Serbia etc.

There is place for 30 international participants to take part in the event. Due to high interest in our events, YT will make a selection and only provide most interesting candidates with an invitation.

Be sure to check out our article to help you get selected.

Please read carefully these selection criteria, to ensure your eligibility to the event:

Main criteria

  • Young people 18-35 from all around the world;
  • Students, social entrepreneurs, young professionals, startupers;
  • Fluent in English.


As participant you can expect to:

  • Be inspired by all ambitious ideas and all knowledge that will be shared by our honourable guests.
  • Have a unique opportunity to network with 30 international and 30 Chinese young like- minded people.
  • Have a valuable working and learning experience.
  • Enjoy the cultural program with informal and socialising activities in the amazing city of Beijing


As participant you are expected to:

  • Only to apply if you are certain you are willing and have the chance to take part in the event.
  • Take part in all workshops that are offered by the program.
  • The program, food, and accommodation are covered by Youth Time. Please take into consideration travel and visa costs are at your own expense. YT offers visa support but do not offer travel grants.
  • After invitation by YT, pay administrative fee of € 150,- (Only after payment your participation is guaranteed).
International Youth Summer School was great opportunity of bridging different cultures around the world with different businesses experiences by meeting innovative, creative and skilful people. -Great and professional platform of interaction with young entrepreneurs and professional experts through fruitful session of knowledge, skills and experiences sharing -Inspirational station in my life to re-plan my business priorities and opportunities in the future with national acting and international thinking.
Oussama Soula
If you want to explore a new city, make new friends, and importantly, discover yourself, then Youth Time's summer schools are your best bet. Not only did I make friends from countries like Serbia, Qatar, Russia etc. the various workshops forced us to step out of our comfort zones and question our inherent beliefs and prejudices. What struck me was also the OC's friendly and approachable demeanour. You could discuss, debate and still laugh together. And the memories of the laughter during the Hamburg Summer School still linger fresh in my mind.
Anubha Sarkar
The summer school I attended in China with Youth Time was absolutely amazing - I loved meeting different people, seeing new places and learn new things. Everything was very well organised!
Martina Bednářová
Czech Republic
My experience in China last year was unforgettable! Call it an immersion program to the Chinese culture and universal youth engagement for positive societal impact..I'd do it all over again!
Eva Kitheka
I still remember the time when I met the participants from all over the world and the smiles on everyone face. My journey with the Youth-time Summar School in Hamburg was not only charming with full of fun and excitement but every event was also full of knowledge. Meeting intellectuals of different countries having diverse backgrounds and knowing about their culture, thoughts and reasonings during seminars and workshops of the event is an unforgettable moment of my life. For all these good memories, I highly appreciate the team of Youth-time and strongly recommend everyone to get to know Youth-time.
Arshid Kamal
Not long ago I took part in the international youth summer school which took place in Beijing. Before that I had not even known about the real taste of international social interaction. Summer school gave me not only the opportunity of such interaction but the awareness of youth cohesion isolated from political infightings, artificial conflicts and other misunderstandings. It was the first time in my life when I felt being not just a citizen of my country but a citizen of the World. I found lots of friends from all over the world and now I am maintaining cordial relations with them. YT Summer School is the unique experience to become one step closer to the whole world.
Anton Mironenko
Beijing summer school prides itself on the international diversity of its participants. The best thing about the summer school was not tutorials activities – although they were all amazing and fun – actually the people I met. It was a blast! The social and cultural aspect enabled me to interact with lots of international participants, and I did make some good friends. Beijing summer school was a great program overall. Youth time teammates are amazing and always willing to help. Finally, it is very multicultural and is an inspiring place to learn.
Tahir Islam


Madame Soong Ching Ling, late Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China, is renowned for devoting herself to the cause of democratic revolution in China, where she was working closely with one of its leaders Dr. Sun Yatsen, to whom she later married. She made an indelible contribution to the triumph of the democratic revolution, in its fight against foreign invasion and the founding the People’s Republic of China. After the founding of new China, Soong Ching Ling made sustained efforts in her work on domestic and foreign affairs for world peace, social progress, people’s happiness, international friendship, enhanced understanding and exchanges between people of different lands, rights of women and children, charity in China as well as ethnic unity and reunification read more.

Youth Time International Movement (YT) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Prague in 2010. YT offers a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to take part in a tangible network for young active social leaders, as it provides a platform where they can discuss and solve social issues they encounter in their daily lives. YT also offers young people the opportunity to speak with acknowledged professionals and specialists, it supports an open dialogue between younger and older generations, as well as between social and governmental institutes. YT believes that sharing experiences and knowledge can help in constructing a positive future for the current generation as well for generations to come. read more.


Application period end's April 15th 2017.

June 5th

Arriving Day

June 6th

Building Day

June 7th

Collaboration Day

June 8th

Sales day

June 9th

Cultural exchange day

  Morning Morning Morning  
  Official opening session and welcome speech.
Key note speech:How to start you rown business
Key note speech:
Mono and Multi cultural communications as a key for a successful start-up.
Masterclasses Exploring cultural and corporate China

Excursions and Quests

  Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon  
  Various workshops Various workshops Various workshops
Imitation game
Evening       Evening
Networking and evening meeting       Official clsing ceremony including keynote speeches, traditional Chinese gala dinner, in traditional clothes.


Arriving Day 05/06/17

On arriving day there is an registration procedure followed by a evening networking event.


Building Day 06/06/17

During building day participants will have the opportunity to study what successful start-up's are made of and how to build a base for a start up company.

Collaboration Day 07/06/17

During collaboration day participants will study how to communicate and collaborate with the world around them.

Sales Day 08/06/17

During sales day participants will study how to sell an idea, project or product.

Exchange Day 06/06/17

Cultural exchange day. Exploring cultural and corporate China.